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Festival 31

A month long festival providing a platform for organisations and activists from within the Merseyside region to celebrate refugee arts & culture and widen the dialogue around the refugee experience. The festival has been running since 2014 when through a small funding we were provided opportunity to set up a festival around refugee themes. In true SOLA ARTS fashion we sat together as volunteers, participants and staff to decide what to do with the funding.

One volunteer suggested the longest month festival possible and here we are 4 years later- hence the name FESTIVAL 31! Last year 45 organisations and groups contributed activity around the city in over 36 venues, not bad for a low budget festival and revealing of how wonderful our community is.


SOLA ARTS does not prescribed activity during the festival as it happens mainly through the commitment, passion and activities run by the local community. We encourage activities that happen in the community and often in communities where the dialogue around refugee issues is not common place.


Our role is to initiate and bring together activities contributed in the festival annually, gain what ever funding we can to ensure a core delivery of a launch and ending event and when possible commission refugee artists to creative artwork which extends the discourse of the theme of National refugee Week that year. No one year of FESTIVAL 31 is the same. Because the community dictate what they want to deliver and ensure quality of this, the community pretty much dictate the programme.

We are always looking for new contributions to the festival and volunteers. If you want to

find out more click here to go to the website.


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